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We believe that God has called us to be a part of a movement that will shape the future of our community and we believe it's  time to make our next big move!  

A permanent home for our church will be a place to worship and serve kids and families on Sundays.  But we believe this is about more than Sunday.  It will be a place for community, for the next generation, for families, for those struggling, and a place for the good news of Jesus to be lived out.

It really is going to be.....FOR HARTSVILLE!

If you want to be a part of the #ForHartsville campaign, below are some ways you can get involved:

                         PRAY - Ask God to show us what to do and give us what it takes to get it done.

                         GIVE - If you are passionate about our community and want to give (whether it's $5, $5000, or any other                                                    amount you feel led to), we need your help to do this For Hartsville! Please note that any gifts given to                                        this campaign are kept separate from your regular giving!

You can give at a One Church service or by clicking the big green button below or on the home page.  Thank you in advance for anything you are willing to give.  We are receiving your gift in anticipation that God is about to do something incredible!