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sunday morning 10:30 am at hartsville center theater 212 n 5th st

We understand that it can be intimidating going somewhere for the first time!  That's why we roll out the red carpet for our first time guests and it starts right here on this page!  We want to take a second to welcome you and tell you how pumped we are that you are even considering a visit with us, and give you some insight on what you can expect on your first visit.  

new here table

On your way in one of the first things you will notice is a big blue sail sign that says NEW HERE?  If you stop by that area one of our volunteers would love to meet you and your family, answer any questions you may have, show you where to go next and even take  you on a tour of our facilities if you would like!

first impressions team

As you make your way to a seat, you will probably be greeted by several of our amazing first impressions volunteers!  They are there to make sure you and you family feel welcome and are ready to serve you in any way! If you have questions anyone wearing a name tag will be able to help. Anything you need just ask!

kids check in and service locations

We have kids services in several locations, each with its own dedicated check in stations, volunteers, and trained safety officer.  Since its your first time, all you need to do is go inside the main entrance to the center theater and look for the kids check in table there!  One of our kids volunteers will be glad to walk you through the process and show you where to go!

first time guest area

If you enjoy the service we encourage you to stop by our First Time Guest area on the way out!  We have a team of people there just for you and you family and its a great opportunity to connect and GET A FREE T-SHIRT! Side note...we have all you can eat lifesaver peppermints at this area before and after service!

dress code, or lack thereof

Simply stated, there is no dress code at One Church.  We mean it when we say come as you are. We encourage you to wear whatever makes you comfortable because you want to be yourself, be relaxed and enjoy your time with us!

worship experience

We love our worship team and they look forward to providing you with a modern worship experience!  We play contemporary songs using up to date lighting techniques and high quality audio components.  We work hard to keep our sound at a level that is consistent with our vision and pleasing to our guests, but if you find it to be a little loud for your taste we provide latex free ear plugs for your convenience!